Airway management products and solutions for patient ventilation are part of our AEROtube® range. This steadily growing product segment requires careful selection of the right solution. Usage of different raw material lead to development of different product features which offer many advantages in handling as well as comfort for the patient. We will help you to find the right choice!

AEROtube® CPAP Tubing and Tubing Systems
AEROtube® CPAP-tubing and -tubing systems are manufactured from a combination of high quality metalocene and plastomer material. Smooth interior guarantee an optimal flow and easy cleaning as well as gas sterilization up to 75 °C. No flow interrup- tion, even at strongest kinking, through spiral coiled tubing. Highest stability at lowest weight, and all this PHT - and latex free!

AEROtube® Ventilation Tubing Systems
Our already well established single use tubing systems for homecare ventilation have been upgraded with an improved expiry valve to further increase patient comfort. Highest Quality is guaranteed through extremely long usage time up to 14 days! For the first time in our catalogue we offer a completely new range of ventilation tubing systems for ventilation in clinical environ- ments. The diversity of the systems will certainly convince you. If you nevertheless do not find the appropriate configuration for you, please let us know. We will assemble the required system with the necessary accessories together with you!

AEROtube® Airway Management
This assortment contains different products and assistants for a safe and adequate intubation. Either for single use or re-use, pay attention to the detailed product description. Soft PVC, autoclavable silicone and user friendly labeling and documentation for assistance during use are only a few features of our AEROtube® Airway Management Series.

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